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East Coast Head Performance Specialist – Cameron Gardner NSCA-CSCS, M.S. Clinical Nutrition


Coach Cameron has over 25 years of experience in working with athletes to develop their strength, speed and power – elevating his many athletes to gain starting positions, championships, All-American honors and scholarship opportunities. He is an expert in the study of human movement, rate of force development training and sports nutrition.

Cameron has his Master degree in Clinical Nutrition and has a very impressive resume in before and after results in bodybuilding, physique, figure and bikini competitions, athlete in all sports and everyday weekend warriors.
In addition to his success as an athletic performance enhancement expert, Coach Cameron has competed at the highest level in many different sports from Track & Field, earning titles in short-distance sprinting from the USATF indoor 60m to the 200m. He has risen to the top levels of the Team USA bobsled team to receive 2 gold medals in the America’s Cup. Another impressive accolade that Cameron Gardner has achieved as a strength athlete was his National Title as the #1 LW strongman in the country in 2004. Winning the North American Strongman title in the 231 lb and under category, weighing a lean 197 lbs. Giving up 40-50 lbs to many competitors who cut weight for the show, this is the first and only time that an athlete in the 200 lb and under weight class has won the “Overall” LW title. This title in 2004 made Cameron the first LW 105k Professional Strongman in the U.S.

In 2011, Cameron took 1st place in his first bodybuilding contest in the Mid-Atlantic Natural Bodybuilding Classic. In 2015, Cameron entered in the Men’s Physique category and won his IFBB Pro Card. In addition to Cameron’s work as a Strength & Speed Coach, Professional Strongman and IFBB Pro, Cameron has and M.S. in Clinical Nutrition. He specializes in Sports Performance Nutrition, Bodybuilding, Physique and Bikini contest preparation and has helped 100’s of everyday people change their lives through his knowledge of proper nutrition. Check out our client’s amazing results here.

Cameron is also a Battalion Chief for the Paterson Fire Department in New Jersey, working for the PFD since 1996, promoted to Captain in 2005 and Battalion Chief in 2013.

email: cameron@eastweststrength.com

West Coast Head Performance Specialist – Scott Brengel (Pro Strongman), NSCA-CSCS


Coach Scott has been in the practice of strength and speed development for over 25 years. Coach Scott is a specialist in bio-mechanics, energy system efficiency and sports nutrition. Scott continues to develop his personal strength and the strength of all of his athletes through discipline and years of programming experience – boosting their performance to earn starting positions, gain scholarships and provide the opportunity to compete at the professional level and claim world titles.

Coach Scott has forged an unprecedented 8 Professional Strongman competitors, has produced over a dozen National & World Titles and in 2018 ECWC laid claim to both the 1st and 2nd Strongest Women in the World. 
In addition to his work as an athletic performance specialist, Coach Scott has competed in a wide range of sporting events throughout his athletic career from winning championships in football and earning titles in track & field and martial arts.
Scott played wide receiver for Kean University in Union, NJ starting wide receiver as a true freshman. Scott transitioned to Orange County, California in 1998 continuing his education as a Strength & Speed Coach along with many other athletic endeavors. For a 3 year span beginning in 1999, Scott was brought into many camps in the NFL, CFL, AFL and the XFL. And as a result from his consistent display of speed – clocking in a consistent 4.3 to 4.4 second 40-yd dash and remarkable power – pressing 30 reps in the 225 lb bench press, he was placed in the draft with a select few players down from over 1000 recruits.
From 1999 to 2006, Scott became an expert in multiple styles of martial arts including – 2 forms of Kempo, Jiu jitsu and Aikido. Presently, Scott has been studying and practicing Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2008 and continues to enhance his knowledge of the sport for the benefit of his athletes, integrating this knowledge into his study of human movement and power in combat sports.
In 2003, Scott began competing as a strength athlete in multiple disciplines. In his very first Strongman pro qualifier in May 2004, Scott competed in California’s Strongest Man amongst many of the best strength athletes the country has ever known and became one of the first Professional Lightweight Strongman to ever exist in the U.S. Scott has been consistently ranked in the Professional top 10 in the country and ranked as high as 4th in 2006. Located in Costa Mesa California in Orange County, Scott is the longest active Professional Strongman in the L.A. and Orange County area. He integrates strongman training into all of his athletes programs as he feels this style of training is excellent for building 3-dimensional strength and the type of conditioning that most anaerobic athletes will see unmatched results from.
In addition to Strongman, Scott has also competed in the Scottish Highland Games – winning multiple titles in the Orange County Highland Games and the Queen Mary Highland Games.
Scott is a life-time drug-free athlete. It is a daunting task in the modern competitive arena, for an honest athlete to compete head-to-head with the truly genetically gifted and pharmaceutically-enhanced athletes of today. Leveling the playing field takes an extraordinary knowledge of human body and the way it adapts to stress.

email: scott@eastweststrength.com

East Coast Head Performance Specialist -Frank Corvelli

Coach Frank

email: frank@eastweststrength.com

West Coast Strength & Conditioning Coach – Sean Demarinis (Pro Strongman)


Coach Sean is the West Coast division strength development specialist. After working at Mission Viejo High School as the manager of the off-season strength and conditioning program, he comes to ECWC with years of experience and an impressive list of personal accolades to complement his knowledge of force development.
Coach Sean employs his technical expertise and disciplined approach to enhance the on-field power and performance of his athletes.
In addition to his work as a strength coach, Coach Sean has competed at the top ranks in powerlifting, breaking two WABDL bench press world records and winning his world championship title in 2007. After achieving his powerlifting titles, Sean transitioned into the Sport of Strongman. After a year in the sport, Sean achieved the title of Southern California’s Strongest Man in March 2009. Sean continued his West Coast dominance in 2010 retaining his title as Southern California’s Strongest Man and first place win at the Golden State Strongman Champioship in Fresno.
On July 24, 2010, Sean became the fourth pro strongman at East Coast / West Coast Strength Speed & Conditioning with his victory at the Europa Fitness Expo in Hartford, CT. Since turning pro, Sean has placed 2nd at America’s Strongest man in both 2012 and 2013 and most impressively took 5th at World’s Strongest Man in 2013. In 2018, Sean Demarinis claimed his unprecedented 4th America’s Strongest Man title, cementing him as the greatest 105 kg Strongman in U.S. history.

email: sean@eastweststrength.com

MMA/Muay Thai/Kickboxing Coach – Ben Moreland


Ben Moreland is a highly skilled, articulate and educated instructor, with over 10 years of teaching and training experience as well as a degree in Exercise Science and a life-time student of martial arts – including muay thai, kickboxing, wrestling, judo, boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Ben’s clientele list ranges from Grandfathers and Soccer Moms to Weekend Warrior to Law Enforcement to Professional fighters. Ben’s formal education is also tempered with the real world experience he has as a professional fighter.
For more information email: scott@eastweststrength.com

West Coast Strength & Conditioning Coach / Baseball & Softball Athletic Performance Specialist – Casey Garrison (Pro Strongman)


Casey is a Strength Coach and the baseball & softball athletic performance specialist in the West Coast division.
Casey has played baseball competitively for over 24 years. In 2005 Casey signed with San Francisco State of the CCAA League putting up record offensive numbers and becoming All-CCAA for the SF State Gators. His offensive numbers and power caught the attention of MLB scouts and Casey signed as a free agent with the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Casey’s rookie season boasted big offensive power numbers, leading his team in home runs. Casey was selected to the South Coast Leagues all-star team as an outfielder in 2007 and won the Akadema Homerun Derby Challenge that year. He spent a total of four seasons playing professional baseball playing all positions in the outfield, first and third base. Casey also led every team in either extra-base hits or RBI’s. Known more for his ability to hit homers and driving in runs, Casey also had the best ratio of stolen bases on his professional teams. Casey offers professional hitting/pitching lessons as well as defensive work at all positions.

In 2010, Casey joined the ECWC strongman team studying under Pro Strongmen Scott Brengel and Sean Demarinis. After a year of training, Casey won his first title at the Golden State Strongman Championship in Fresno, CA. Over the next 2 years, Casey he gained 50 lbs of muscle and moved himself up the heavyweight ranks placing 3rd at the San Jose Strongman Expo Pro Am. In October 2013, Casey became ECWC’s 5th Pro Strongman as he claimed the NAS Strongman National Title finishing 1st place in the Heavyweight division in Texas and winning his Strongman Pro Card. In 2016, Casey took second in America’s Strongest Man to 4 x World’s Strongest Man – Brian Shaw.

email: scott@eastweststrength.com

West Coast Strength Coach – Ralph Sulsona


Ralph is a strength coach on the ECWC West Coast division. Ralph brings with him over 20 years of experience in the field of strength training. He is also one of the original members of the Freak Factory Strongman Team, competing in the sport for over 5 years at the top of the 200 lb division.
In his spare time, Ralph is also a musician – playing the guitar for more than 25 years. Professionally, Ralph has also worked as an IT professional and LAN administrator.

West Coast Strength & General Fitness Coach – Sherri Fontes


Coach Sherri is an NASM certified personal trainer and NPC fitness competitor with over 10 years of experience within all aspects of fitness. In addition to training for general fitness, she has been involved in strength training, boxing and kickboxing since 2000. She was introduced to brazilian jiu jitsu, strongman strength training, and Olympic weight lifting by West Coast Head Performance Specialist Scott Brengel in 2009.

2013 NAS Excalibur Figure Championships 2nd place, California’s Strongest Man – 1st place, CSM 2017 – 2nd place, 2014,2015,2018 – 3rd place; 2014 Golden State’s Strongest Woman – 2nd place; Northern California’s Back to Basics 2015 – 1st place; USS LWW Femme Fatale – 1st place; Odd Haugens Chicago Strongman Classic 2016 – 1st Place; Worlds Strongest Woman competitor in 2017

Sherri has held titles of Miss Hawaiian Tropic in 2002 & 2004, placed first in her class and first overall as a fitness competitor in Oxygen Magazine’s Model Quest America, Costa Mesa, CA 2002, placed 2nd Oxygen Magazine’s Model Quest America, Las Vegas, NV 2002.
In addition to her fitness accomplishments, Sherri is also a mother and has first-hand experience coming back from a post-pregnancy weight of 175 lbs, losing a total of 50 lbs.

email: sherri@eastweststrength.com

West Coast Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor- Kevin Bee


Kevin Bee is the Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor for ECWC’s corporate wellness programs. He currently competes in the 155 lb division in the Super Welterweight disivion in Muay Thai and the Lightweight division in Mixed Martial Arts. He has fought his way to a title earning the Super Welterwight AM-1 MMA title in 2012.

Before starting MMA and Muay Thai, Kevin wrestled for Newport Harbor High School earning mutliple gold medals during this time. In his Junior year of high school, Kevin began training in Muay Thai and MMA, and also had his first fight for USMTA and later competed in OC Fight Club, IFS (International Fight Showdown) and IKF (International Kickboxing Federation) bringing his fight count up to 20 fights over his career.

In addition to Muay Thai and wrestling, Kevin has studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2008 and is a life-time student and always seeking to increase his knowledge in all of the marital arts.

Contact Information:

West: 2930 Grace Lane #A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ph: 714-423-3173

East: 645 Industrial Rd, Carlstadt, NJ 07072
Ph: 201-596-4626