Legion Sports Fest Strongman Challenge & Technical Course

East Coast/West Coast Announces the Return of Strongman to the Legion Sports Fest at the Long Beach Convention Center –(PRESS RELEASE)- East Coast West Coast Strength Speed & Conditioning announced that it will be promoting the Legion Sports Fest Strongman Challenge & Technical Course at the Long Beach Convention Center on Saturday, November 9 & 10, 2019 at 10:00am PST. This is will be a Strongman Corp. Sanctioned event. The top athletes in open divisions will qualify for Strongman Corp. Nationals.

In 2018, ECWC facilitated America’s Strongest Man in the Legion Sports Fest as the top Professional Men and Women in the U.S. competed for the prestigious title. ECWC Pro Athletes Sean Demarinis and Ashley Crawford each claimed titles in their respective divisions. Sean claiming his 4th America’s Strongest Man title.

This competition, as well as the Strongman Technical Clinic will be facilitated by East Coast West Coast Strength Speed & Conditioning, the pioneers of the sport of strongman on the West Coast. Professional Strongmen Scott Brengel, Sean Demarinis, Ashley Crawford and Liefia Ingalls, as well as internationally ranked athletes Chris Burke and Tommy Yannuzzi will all be on staff to continue the tradition and quality that is expected at any competition ran by ECWC.

ECWC is arguably the most successful Strongman Team to ever exist in the U.S. We will be putting on a 20-30 min Strongman Clinic prior to each event to help all athletes figure out the best technical approach based on their physical structure and strength assets. We will also pinpoint kinetic weaknesses and provide feedback on how to address those issues. We have provided the same evaluations to many Strongman athletes of all levels Novice to Pro, including the current World’s Strongest Man. If you are looking to boost your technical prowess in strongman, this is a very unique opportunity to reach your competitive goals in far shorter time.



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The events include:

1) Circus Dumbbell Open (Men’s LW 120 lbs, MW 140 lbs, HW 160 lbs), Novice 100 lbs; Open(Women’s LW 65 lbs, MW 75 lbs, HW 85 lbs), Novice 55 lbs. 60 secs

2) Yoke/Sandbag Medley – (50ft/50ft) Open (Men’s LW 550/225, MW 600/275, HW 700/300), Novice 500/185; Open (Women’s LW 400/135, MW 450/150, HW 500/185) Novice 300/105. 60 secs

3) Farmer’s Walk – (50 ft/50 ft) Open (Men’s LW 225, MW 250, HW 275) Novice 185; Open (Women’s LW 135, MW 155, HW 185), Novice 115 lbs. 60 secs

4) Last Man Standing Deadlift – Open (Men’s LW 405+, MW 495+, HW 585+), Novice 365+; Open (Women’s LW 225, MW 275, HW 315), Novice 185.

5) Atlas Stone Trump Style Open (Men – LW (240-300-330), MW (320-340-365), HW 340-365-400), Novice (185-200-240) – 48 inches, 60 secs; Open (Women LW (145-165-185), MW (185-200-240), HW (200-240-300), Novice (125-145-165) – 44 inches 60 secs

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