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East Coast/West Coast training programs, based in Orange County, California are systematically devised to improve the performance of our athletes in their respective sports or activities as well as reduce the risk of injury. Each program offers the most cutting-edge research and practical design for individual and team sports preparation. Our programs are personally customized to meet the specific needs of each athlete within their sport and position. We cater to athletes of all skill levels from beginners to elite, kids or adults, recreational athletes to professionals.


Sport-Specific Individualized and Group Programs – we design a specialized program to meet the demands of the individual or group sport and then tailor the volume to suit needs of the athlete’s role within that sport.

Speed and Agility Training – we provide a program to increase the athlete’s ability to accelerate faster, improve starting and stride mechanics, increase the athlete’s ability to maintain top-end speed over greater distances, develop the ability to switch directions faster and under greater control, while increasing overall muscular coordination.

Sports-Specific Conditioning – we employ specific conditioning parameters that suit the demands of the individual’s sport. We evaluate the specific energy systems and intensities used and condition the athlete to compete at the highest intensity over the specified amount of time that their sport demands, preventing the athlete’s performance from degrading throughout the full competitive duration. There is no better place in Orange County for Strength and Conditioning.

Pre-Combine Training – (High School, College and Pro) – we develop the necessary skills an athlete will need to increase their level of performance in all of the combine testing requirements.

Speed and Agility Camps (2 to 3 days) – periodically we will host open speed and agility camps for all athletes applying our advanced techniques for increasing basic speed and ability to accelerate, decelerate, change directions, overall athletic ability and motor skill enhancement.


Sports Specific Training offered – For Football, Baseball, Softball, Rugby, Basketball, Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, Boxing, Swimming, Golf, Powerlifting, Olympic Weightlifting,Wrestling, Volleyball, Hockey, Field Hockey, Track and Field, Water Polo
Team Training Services – our coaches will travel to the team’s facility and design a manageable program for the entire team following the testing and evaluation of its athletes, its training facility and the strategy of the coaching staff. We will implement the program on-site for a specified number of days a week for the contract period (in-season and off-season)
Team Consultation – (Program Design, Instruction, Implementation and Testing) – our coaches will travel to the team’s facility, design a manageable program for the entire team upon testing and evaluation of its athletes, its training facility and the strategy of the coaching staff. We will train the coaches to implement and maintain the program, making regular weekly or bi-monthly visits to ensure the program is being implemented effectively. Testing will also be performed every 2 to 3 months. The program can be designed on a month-to-month basis or for a specified contract period (in-season and off-season).
Team Speed Program – we provide a team program suited to increase each athlete’s technique for accelerating off the line, top-end stride mechanics, maintaining top speed over greater distances, develop the ability to switch directions faster and under greater control, while increasing overall muscular coordination.
Team Strength, Speed and Conditioning Program – includes the Team Speed Program described above and the added conditioning element to develop the specific energy systems to maintain a higher level of performance throughout the competitive duration of the sports activity.


Strongman Training – we prepare all of our strongman athletes to compete at the amateur and professional levels. ECWC has managed to produce 6 professional strongmen, America’s Strongest Man, 2 NAS National Champions and many state and national titles through its strength & conditioning program and technical development.
Powerlifting – learn how to execute the squat, bench press and deadlift based on your levers and how to increase your current lifts based on your kinetic weaknesses. This is the only facility in Orange County that is home to world record powerlifting champions and 6 professional strongman competitors.
Police, Fire and Military Conditioning & Academy Preparation – our program is designed to target all strength and conditioning parameters needed to prepare for and exceed the necessary physical requirements.
Core Training – we develop the foundational structure enabling the athlete to maintain proper alignment and form for all mechanics involved in balance, coordination, acceleration, deceleration, sprinting, lifting and all other complex athletic movements.
Serving – Orange County, California, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Santa Ana, Fountain Valley, Westminster, Tustin. Northern New Jersey – Montclair, Verona, Cedar Grove, Little Falls, Clifton, Bloomfield, Nutley, West Orange, West Paterson, Woodland Park, Passaic, Lynhurst and Glen Ridge

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Ph: 714-423-3173

East: 645 Industrial Rd, Carlstadt, NJ 07072
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