Strongman Training

East Coast / West Coast Strength Speed & Conditioning offers the only competitive strongman training program in the greater Los Angeles and Orange County area, centrally located between Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach and Newport Beach. The ECWC Strongman program has produced 7 Pro Strongman Competitors, 3 World’s Strongest Man/Woman Finalists, 3 Strongman National Champions, America’s Strongest Man x 3, 4 Top 5 Ranked Pro Strongmen and dozens of strongman, highland games and powerlifting titles.

Train under Pro Strongmen Scott Brengel, Sean Demarinis, Casey Garrison, Liefia Ingalls, Chris Burke and Cameron Gardner. Learn multiple ways to flip a giant tractor tire, pull a truck with a harness and rope, platform atlas stones, overhead press with logs, axles, circus dumbbells, viking press, kegs, carrying odd object like farmer’s walk implements, the super yoke, sandbags, kegs and many other events commonly seen on World’s Strongest Man.

Our strongman crew also hosts the annual California’s Strongest Man contest in Huntington Beach. Click here for details.

Strongman Strength Camp –  a strongman style boot camp for both non-competitive lifters and anyone looking to use strongman as an effective means to increase general physical strength and athleticism. These sessions integrate general strength training and implement training. So participants will learn how to perform all of the basic lifts as well as the strongman implement training.

ECWC Competitive Strongman Team Training – for lifters who are seriously interested about competing in the sport of strongman. ECWC possesses one of the most experienced and accomplished strongman teams to ever exist in the U.S. If this is the strength sport that you have chosen to pursue, you will learn from and train next to some of the strongest men and women on the planet.

Cameron Gardner, Chris Burke, Jeff Holder, Sean Demarinis, Casey Garrison, Scott Brengel, Tom Yannuzzi, Erik Peterson

Strongman Strength Camp – Saturdays @9:30am & 10:15am
ECWC Competitive Strongman Team Training – Sundays @11am

2930 Grace Lane, Unit A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Call 714-423-3173 or
Email: scott@eastweststrength.com for more information.

Contact Information:

West: 2930 Grace Lane #A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ph: 714-423-3173

East: 645 Industrial Rd, Carlstadt, NJ 07072
Ph: 201-596-4626