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East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed Conditioning
East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed ConditioningMonday, May 16th, 2016 at 7:21pm
Today we added our 7th ECWC Pro Strongman to the wall. This wall alone has a lot of history to it as far as the evolution of strongman in the U.S.

1) Cameron Gardner - the LW NAS National champion from 2003. He was the only LW National Champion in the sports history to ever win the overall title from the 200 & under weight division. He and Kirk Nowack were made the first two LW Pro's after the division was brought to fruition in 2004.

2) Scott Brengel - 3 contests were announced in 2004 to populate the inaugural group of 105 kg LW Pro Strongman in the U.S. The first was the Azalea Pro-Am in South Carolina. Willie Wessels, Kevin Nowack, Ron Mazza, Brad Cardoza won their cards there.
The second contest was California's Strongest Man. This is where Scott Brengel, Mark Wechter, Kevin Nee and Rusty Kier won there pro cards at arguably the most stacked LW Pro-Am show ever ran. Scott won the Airplane pull and the Farmer's Walk. Only 2 competitors were able to finish the 200 ft course. The top 10 finishers in that show eventually went on to become pro's over the next 2 years.

3) Beau Gertz - at age 19 after taking 6th at CSM in 2004, Beau went on to play D1 football at Charleston Southern and then upon graduating entered in the Biggest Pro-Am of 2006 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Zydrunas Savickas won the HW pro category in the same show and Beau swept the LW Am show winning every single event and the only competitor to load the 400 lb stone in the final event to earn his pro card.

4) Sean Demarinis - In 2010, Sean travels to Hartford, CT to put on a clinic and win his pro card. In that show, he clean and pressed (every rep) at 280 lbs for an unprecedented 9 reps and still had about 10 seconds left on the clock when he set it down and walked away. And the only competitor to load the 405 lbs Atlas Stone on the final event.

5) Casey Garrison - In 2013, Casey battled it out at the NAS National Championships in Texas for 2 days. He showed off his mental toughness and persevered after bombing the wheel barrow event and actually came back strong on the Car Deadlift, Frame Carry and the Atlas Stones against the 2011 LW America's Strongest Man - Zack Nims to claim his pro card and the National title. Also becoming ECWC's first HW Pro Strongman

6) Sean Demarinis - In 2014, Sean enters into one of the only Heavyweight Pro-Ams that year and unsuspectingly walks in to claim his 2nd pro card as the lightest man in the competition at 255 lbs and the only strongman to accomplish that feat in the last 5 years. He is also the current 105 kg America's Strongest Man - 2 years running.

7) Liefia Ingalls - in 2016, Liefia Ingalls competes in the Strongman World's Competition at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. She finishes in the top 4 in the Middleweights 161-180 lbs and a month later is announced to be one of the inaugural and first 4 women's pro strongman competitors to ever exist in the U.S.

What's to come? ECWC has a few more horses in the stable that are on the verge of becoming pro's. Look for Chris Burke, Tommy Yannuzzi and Ashley Crawford to make their way to the platform this year or next. You will not find more passion, love or knowledge for this sport than you will find at ECWC. We've been around for a looooong time and will continue to grow the sport and build a legacy along with all of the other great pro's and strongman friends that we have made along the way. Strongman and ECWC Fo LIFE!!!
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East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed Conditioning
East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed ConditioningSunday, May 15th, 2016 at 7:37pm
Burke2-D2 and Lief-3PO workin their jerkin and absolute speed.

Recovering from the stomach flu, Burke still hits a solid 325 for 3 reps.
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East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed Conditioning
East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed ConditioningSunday, May 15th, 2016 at 6:49pm
ECWC SuperFit Strongman Sunday.

The crew getting Jenny ready for her first Powerlifting meet on Muscle Beach in 2 weeks!!
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East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed Conditioning
East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed ConditioningTuesday, May 10th, 2016 at 6:37pm
In November of last year, Ashley came to ECWC pretty banged up from training Crossfit. She was a former athlete looking for a sport to compete in.

We spent the first few months mending up her shoulders which were pretty wrecked from poor Crossfit programming.

So... fast forward 7 months, Ashley is now back in one piece and on her way to dominating her division in the sport of Strongman. A major PR and easy Farmer's Walk with 235 lbs in each hand. Go to www.eastweststrength.com for all of your superhuman needs. We are located on both coasts - CA & NJ!!
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East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed Conditioning
East Coast/West Coast Strength Speed ConditioningFriday, May 6th, 2016 at 7:53am
ECWC family - On May 28th the team is going up to Venice Beach to compete in and support our close friend DJ Chuck LaMantia's RAW Muscle Beach Power Lift-Off.

In addition to the show, our very own 67 year old Super Grandpa - Robert D Thompson has put together a charity page to help support the victims of Child Abuse.

The Team fundraiser page can be located here: https://www.razoo.com/team/Team-East-Coast-West-Coast-Strength-1

Robert D Thompson - https://www.razoo.com/us/story/Robert-Thompson
Rene Koiter - https://www.razoo.com/us/story/Rene-Koiter
Silvia Catarineu - https://www.razoo.com/us/story/Silvia-Catarineu
Jennifer Szmurlo
Ashley Crawford

*Only 2% of the donations go to administration.

The Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit directly serving at-risk children and families in crisis to prevent and break the generational cycle of child abuse. We value every child’s right to grow up in a safe and nurturing home environment. Our programs work with parents to create healthier environments for children, ultimately building stronger families. By providing families with the tools and education they need to build nurturing homes, we are breaking the generational cycle of abuse. One child at a time, one family at a time, we are creating stronger families and healthier communities.
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