California’s Strongest Man Contest will be held in Huntington Beach, CA on Saturday, March 25, 2017

We are now entering the 15th year of California’s Strongest Man and our 8th year at Huntington Beach. In 2012, the Travel Channel’s Sand Masters came out to commemorate California’s Strongest Man by building a giant sand sculpture dedicated to the sport of strongman.


The Freak Factory (A Strongman Documentary from California’s Strongest Man in 2004)

East Coast/West Coast Announces the 15th Anniversary of California’s Strongest Man
–(PRESS RELEASE)- East Coast West Coast Strength Speed & Conditioning announced that Local ASC Pro Strongman, Scott Brengel will be promoting California’s Strongest Man in Huntington Beach, CA on Saturday, March 25, 2017 at 9:30am PST. The contest will be held in the parking lot on Huntington Street off of Pacific Coast Highway right next to the beach (across the street from the Huntington Beach Hilton). This show will be facilitated by East Coast West Coast Strength Speed & Conditioning and The Freak Factory, the pioneers of the sport of strongman on the West Coast. Professional Strongmen Scott Brengel, Cameron Gardner, Beau Gertz, Erik Peterson, Sean Demarinis, Casey Garrison, Martins Licis and Liefia Ingalls will all be on staff to continue the tradition and quality that is expected at this competition.
The events include:
1) Log Clean & Press (Choose weight for reps) (LW 240-270-300 HW 270-300-330, W115-135-155) 60 secs
2) Keg Toss – 5 kegs (15.5ft height for Men) – (1st keg must go over standards within 30 secs) 60 secs
3) Farmers Walk (2 inch handles) (200 ft) 1 turn, 1 drop allowed (LW 240, HW 280, W135), 60 secs
4) Tire Flip – 10 flips or most flips in 60 secs (LW 850, HW 1200, W 550), 60 secs
5) Atlas Stone Series (Men – 240-275-300-330-360 / 275-300-330-360-380) – 48 inches, 60 secs; Women – Stone over bar (reps) 185 or 240 lbs – 48 inches 60 secs
  1. Californias Strongest Man Entry Form 2017 – Competitor List has one more spot available – email scott@eastweststrength.com to claim the last spot.
For more information, contact: Scott Brengel at 714-423-3173 or e-mail scott@eastweststrength.com
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Contest Hotel: Shorebreak Hotel | 500 Pacific Coast Highway | Huntington Beach , California | 92648 www.shorebreakhotel.com | Tel 877-744-1117.

You can now make reservations by going online:  www.shorebreakhotel.com. To get the discount code (15% off of the best available rate online). On the main reservations screen put in “CRX” in the box called “Rate Code /Global Business ID”, Then when you select the dates and hit “Check Availability”.

Contest After-Party- Blackbull Chophouse in Huntington Beach @ 8pm: Both Lightweight & Heavyweight Men’s & Women’s winners receive a FREE Steak Dinner after the contest. Ride the Mechanical Bull.

2017 Competitor List (THE COMPETITOR’S LIST IS OPEN) 


  • Tom Yannuzzi – 5’9″ 230 lbs. Costa Mesa, CA (formerly Belleville, NJ) – ECWC Strongman; New Jersey’s Strongest Man LW Champion, football, wrestler and shot thrower; Best Events: Overhead Press Specialist, Tire Flip; NAS LW Max Axle Record Holder.
  • Joe Wells – 6’0″ 230 lbs; Lake Forest, CA; ECWC Strongman; ECWC Handyman; Best Event: Hurdle Hops
  • Shawn Couch – 5’10” 200 lbs, Ventura, CA; Team Valhalla Odd Haugen; Football, Track & Field; Best Event: Yoke
  • Patrick Bresley -6’2″ 231 lbs; Burke, VA; Colosseum Strongman; West Virginia’s Strongest Man in the Woods; Rugby, Diving; Best Event: Farmer’s Walk & Atlas Stones
  • Matt Makara – 6’1″ 231 lbs; Sterling, VA; Government Contractor; Colosseum Strongman; Baseball, Powerlifting; Delaware’s Strongest Man; Best Event: Front Carries
  • Alan Thrall – 6’0″ 235 lbs, Sacramento, CA; Gym Owner; Untamed Strength Crew; Football, Track & Field; Video editing, Fajitas and Rocky Movies; Best Event: Tire Flip
  • Joel Snodgrass – 5’8″ 208 lbs, Chico, CA; Team Big Sac; mustaching and beer ponging; Northern Nevada’s Strongest Man 2013, Santa Cruz Strongest Man 200 lb Champion; Bass Player; Best Events: Yoke
  • Jacob Ward – 5’10 215 lbs, Chico, CA; Team Big Sac; Soccer player; Best Event: Yoke
  • Derek McKracken -5’10” 220 lbs; San Diego, CA; Team Deadweight; Football, Baseball, Snowboarding; Best Event: Circus Dumbbell
  • Sean Loy – 5’10″198 lbs; Pleasant Grove, UT; Utah Strongman Crew; Utah’s Strongest Man; Football, Baseball, Basketball; Outdoor’s Man; Best Event: Atlas Stones & Deadlift
  • Seth Larsen – 6’0″ 200 lbs; Oceanside, CA; Navy Medical Officer; Football, Powerlifting; Metahuman Fitness; Best Event: 18″ Deadlift, Stones
  • Reid Clark – 5’10” 231 lbs. San Jose, CA; Santa Cruz Strength; Lacrosse; Daytime Snoozer, Taco Tuesday’s; Best Event: Stones
  • Dale Holthaus – 6’0″ 225 lbs. El Cajon, CA; Filthy Power Gym; Construction Superintendent; Football, Baseball; Best Event: Farmer’s Walk
  • Derrek Cox – 5’9″ 229 lbs. Edmonton, Alberta; Rock Jungle; Biomedical Engineer Tech; Alberta’s Strongest Man LW, Working on cars, Riding motorcycles; Best Event: Pressing
  • Michael Gonzales – 5’8″ 200 lbs; Upland, CA; Strength Coach/Personal Trainer; MGTS; Football, Track & Field, Wrestling; Best Event: Car Deadlift, Tire Flip
  • Joe Scott – 6’0″ 220 lbs; Yucaipa, CA; The Gym Barbell / Pipe Inspector; Basketball; Best Event: Collecting Participation trophies & medals
  • Carlton Russell – 5’0″ 8 lbs; Rialto, CA; IE Barbell; Baseball; Best Event: Praying to the All Mighty
  • Cameron Hansen – 6’1″ 239 lbs; Riverside, CA; IE Barbell; Shot Putter; Best Event: Stones
  • Eric Scola – 5’8″ 198 lbs; San Diego, CA; Burpee Bandit Elite Training Center; Wrestling; Beach Volleyball enthusiast; Best Event: Kipping Burpees
  • Michael Schmutz – 5’11” 230 lbs; Cedar Hills, UT; Lead Data Dude; Patriot Strength Club; Football, Track & Field; Breeding; Best Event: Yoke
  • Brett Christenson – 5’11” 230 lbs; Ramona, CA; U.S. Coast Guard; Football; Jeeping; Best Event: Farmers Walk
  • Matthew Turnbeaugh – 5’7″ 264 lbs; Anaheim, CA; Gold’s Gym; Student; Soccer, Football, Ice Hockey, Powerlifter; Motorcycle Enthusiast; Best Event: Conan’s Wheel
  • Kevin Penner

Heavyweight (Competitors)

    • Jacob Finerty – 6’5″ 320 lbs, Santa Barbara, CA; Valhalla West; Football and wrestling grizzlies; Best Event: Smashing
    • Nick Romero – 6’3″ 315 lbs, Westminster, CA; ECWC Strongman; Football; Best Event: Chipotle
    • Easton Taylor – 5’9″ 255 lbs. Phoenix, AZ; Team Iron Outlaws; America’s Strongest Chef; Football, Baseball, Hockey; Loves BBQing and Firing up the Red Dragon; Best Event: Max Axle (USS Record Holder 370 lbs)
    • Tyler Shelgren – 6’4″ 300 lbs. Chico, CA. Team Big Sac
    • James Richards – 5’10″ 280 lbs. Chico, CA. Team Big Sac – Butcher; Football, Baseball, Tennis player; Future Lawyer; Best Events: Making the Sausage
    • Fred Larson – Team Big Sac
    • Dylan Bartz – 6’0″ 315 lbs, Huntington Beach, CA; Student; Powerlifting, Football and Wrestling; Solo Cup Warrior; Best Event: Log Press, Axle Press, Keg Toss
    • William Ramirez – 6’0″ 315 lbs, Pico Rivera, CA; MetroFlex; Water Polo, Swimming; Security and Crossword Puzzles; Best Event: Keg Anything
    • Kevin Wickline – 6’4″ 278 lbs; Herndon, VA; The Edge; Personal Trainer; Lacrosse Goalie; Best Event: Atlas Stones
    • Brad Shepherd – 6’0″ 301 lbs. Red Deer, Alberta; Loaded Barbell (LUDUS); New Home Sales; Alberta’s Strongest Man, Football, Wrestling; Best Event: Pressing
    • Sean Davies – 6’4″ 315 lbs; Sacramento, CA; All-American UC Davis Football; Best Event: Banging Heads
    • Jacob Reimer – 6’3″ 315 lbs; Woodland, CA; Ironborn Strength Crew; Fashionista, Football, Wrestling; Best Event: Tire Flip & Overhead Pressing
    • Chris Trader – 6’1″ 306 lbs; Paso Robles, CA; SLO Strong; Water Polo; Best Event: Wine Tasting
    • Michael Salter – 6’3″ 315 lbs; Redlands, CA; The Gym Barbell; D1 Football Player, Triathlons; Hunting, Cycling, Off-road racing; Best Event: Deadlft (765 lb PR)
    • RJ Ziegler – 6’7″ 320 lbs; Canyon Country, CA; The Training Hall (Odd Haugen); Sleeping and Couching; Best Event: Netflixing
    • Andrew Wickham – 6’1″ 280 lbs; Santa Margarita, CA; SLO Strong Gym; Baseball, Football, Basketball; Jeep rockcrawling; Best Event: Tire Flip
    • Chad Macklin – 6’8″ 310 lbs; Visalia, CA; Farmer; The MacPak; U-Dub Football, Basketball; Ocean Fishing; Best Event: TBD
    • Heath Macklin – 6’5″ 320 lbs; Visalia, CA; Farmer; The MacPak; Football, Rodeo, Shot Putter, Discus; Fishing & Hunting; Best Event: Overhead
    • Levi Lehman – 6’0″ 270 lbs; Lake Forest, CA; Kratos Gym; Football; Best Event: Headbanging
    • Morgan Hill – 6’9″ 350 lbs; Pasadena, CA; The Training Hall (Odd Haugen); Football, Basketball and Track & Field; Bench Press fanatic; Best Event: Yoke
    • Gabriel Valdez – 5’9″ 260 lbs; Phoenix, AZ

Women (Competitors)

      • *Liefia Ingalls – 5’7″ 165 lbs; Torrance, CA – ECWC Strongman; California’s Strongest Woman; Unicorn Viking-Ranger; Best Event: Pressing events and moving events
      • *Sherri Fontes – 5’2″, 130 lbs, Newport Beach, CA – ECWC Strongman; Strength Coach/Personal Trainer; NPC Figure Competitor; Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing; Best Event: Farmer’s Walk
      • Ashley Crawford – 5’6″, 160 lbs, Long Beach, CA – ECWC Strongman; Gym Manager, Professional Bowler, Pilot; Best Event: Farmer’s Walk, Deadlift
      • Emily Elliot – 5’5″, 140 lbs, Redlands, CA – Inland Empire Barbell; City Planner; Marching Band; Doggie Rescue and Backpacking; Best Event: Dancing with Wolves
      • Megan Jenkins – 4’11” 120 lbs; Ventura, CA – The Training Hall; I.T. Data Engineer; 805’s Strongest Woman; Powerlifting, Highland Games, Triathlete, Swimming; Netflix & TV Enthusiast; Best Event: Overhead Press
      • Megan Teser – 5’6″ 185 lbs; San Diego, CA; Deadweight Posse; Registered Nurse; Best Event: Drinking 40s and making graffitti
      • Kathy Sheets – 5’4″ 230 lbs; San Diego, CA; Deadweight Posse; Teacher; Soccer, Volleyball, Outrigger Canoeing; Best Event: Husafell Stone
      • Elvira Villasenor – 5’6″ 230 lbs; El Cajon, CA; Deadweight Posse; Preschool Teacher; Best Event: Collecting Germs
      • Taylor Contreras – 5’6″ 135 lbs; Mesa, AZ; Mental Health Therapist; Revolution Training; Swimmer, Rugby; Fruity Pebbles enthusiast; Horse Rider, Arts & Crafts; Best Event: Deadlift
      • Laura Espinoza – 5’1″ 150 lbs; Redlands, CA; Social Worker; IE Barbell; Powerlifting & Taco enthusiast; Best Event: Taco Tuesdays
      • Liz Rosiles –  5’5″ 175 lbs; San Jacinto, CA; Operations Support Mgr; Pizza fanatic; Best Event: Deadlift



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Contest Videos

Contact Information:

West: 2930 Grace Lane #A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ph: 714-423-3173

East: 645 Industrial Rd, Carlstadt, NJ 07072
Ph: 201-596-4626