ECWC Strongman Academy

Welcome to the ECWC Strongman Academy. Learn from the most accredited strongman program in the United States. ECWC possesses the most experienced and accomplished strongman team to ever exist in the U.S. If this is the strength sport that you have chosen to pursue or you are looking to augment your training, you will learn from and train next to some of the strongest men and women on the planet.

The ECWC Strongman program has produced 7 Pro Strongman Competitors, 3 World’s Strongest Man/Woman Finalists, 3 Strongman National Champions, America’s Strongest Man x 3, 4 Top 5 Ranked Pro Strongmen and dozens of strongman, highland games and powerlifting titles.

Strongman Academy Seminar

When: Sunday, February 19, 2017

Time: 10am – 5pm

Where: ECWC Headquarters located @2930 Grace Lane, Unit A, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

How to Sign Up: email Tom@eastweststrength.com to get your name on the list and to get payment information to secure your spot. Cost is $100. There will be a cap of 30 participants to ensure quality and efficacy.

What: Get ready to shave off months of growing pains by learning the trade secrets of the most successful strongman team to ever exist on the planet. You will learn the most skillful techniques on how to handle extreme weights in every facet of the sport of strongman. Where most have failed, we have proven time and time again that we can adapt the movements of strongman for any body type to make each athlete successful. No other gym in the U.S. has produced 7 professional strongman competitors.

Your agenda will include the technique and implementation of popular strongman movements such as the Log Clean & Press, the Axle Clean & Press and the Circus Dumbbell. In addition to overhead pressing, you will learn how to move with weight and how to condition your body for the Farmer’s Walk, the Super Yoke, Tire Flip and Atlas Stones, Keg and Sandbag carry and loads.

At ECWC we apply these movements to all of our general strength training programs, as well as our athletes for sports like football, baseball, wrestling, MMA, lacrosse, hockey, etc. Learn the proper intensities, volume, as well as when, where and how to implement these movements effectively into your training.



Contact Information:

West: 2930 Grace Lane #A, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Ph: 714-423-3173

East: 645 Industrial Rd, Carlstadt, NJ 07072
Ph: 201-596-4626