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Nutrition & Body Composition Programs

Nutrition is the contingent factor in making or breaking someone’s physical goals. Time and time again you see people who lift weights everyday and are consistently walking the treadmill or other forms of cardiovascular exercise and yet their body composition never changes.Most often the missing ingredient is diet/nutrition. You are what you eat and you will perform and develop according to how appropriately you eat. Everyone is different and has specific needs.
Any athlete that works with us is required to implement a proper nutrition protocol. It sets the body up hormonally, provides the building blocks for muscle growth and development, provides energy substrates for muscle performance and allows adequate neuromuscular signals for proper CNS function.
We force athletes to attain appropriate bodyfat levels for their respective sports, whether you are a sprinter, a football player, or an MMA fighter.
We also cater to people looking to attain low bodyfat levels for modeling, bodybuilding or any other physical transformation.
Our comprehensive body recomposition programs include complete nutrition protocols which include food options, the proper ratios and timing of meals. We also have a proper vitamin and supplement procedures to maximize the internal environment of the body. Lastly, we include the weight training workout tailored to your needs whether it’s to build muscle, increase your strength in certain exercises, or just to develop a nice set of abdominal muscles, as well as special fat burning workout protocols.
This trifold approach to enhancement is what is required. One aspect does not work without the other.
We establish starting bodyfat levels using a 10 site formula and re-evaluate each month after to assure we are on track with quantifiable results.
We offer complete access to our clients because we understand the difficulty in adhering strictly to a program and implementing it fully.We don’t just provide a program and then see you later! We are there every step of the way.

Highlights include

  • Initial assessment with body fat measurement
  • Complete food/nutrition breakdown including quantities and food choices
  • Supplement and vitamin protocol
  • Weight training workouts to address specific goals
  • Fat burning workout program
  • Full consulting access via email or phone for the duration of program



For more information email: cameron@eastweststrength.com

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